For my final project I would like to build an instrument. The change in sound will be a result of physically pulling/pushing an ‘orb’ (attached to the top of a thin metal pole) and releasing it causing it to sway creating a range of resistance that I can use as data .As I have not yet tested how effective and accurate the data I could receive, I also want to look into using an accelerometer to yield a more convincing result.

I plan to use the data to trigger a Max MSP object into making sound. Maybe using filters so as it sways it can give that action an appropriate sound. Maybe with quick changes to resistance/sudden change in reading from the accelerometer can trigger a different sound altogether. To help aesthetically I’d also like an LED to change colour along with the sound using the same data and all of it to be hidden in a ping pong ball (or something similar). If I get the chance to take it further I would like create a number of these attached by the base, creating a meadow-like installation.


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