Good News and Bad News

So far the Midi Controller has gone fairly well! I’ve had more than a few hiccups on the way but I plan on building this again and incorporating it into my final year show. I’m certain the points I’ve tripped up will help me find sturdier and more suitable ways of building such a design.

At the moment my ball has only one function which is to control a filter ( . However by adding on a button I intend to give it a second feature, whenever the ball passes underneath the wooden ‘beam’ it will send a trigger into my max patch allowing it to play a drum sample. This feature would have worked better with more baubles as I could split the sounds and by having the baubles at different heights I would be able to get interesting syncopated rhythms. However when implementing this feature something in the cable snapped, I fear the wires inside the VGA were not sturdy enough and am now getting no data from the accelerometer. I have incorporated the second feature into my max patch anyway and try and rewire it all again tomorrow!


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