Wiring and Coding

For my design I need 9 wires to run to each ball; 5V, GND, SCL, SDA, SDO, CS, R, G, B. I had a VGA cable at home, and when I stripped it down it had 9 wires inside! After piercing the LED and accelerometer through the card I soldered the ends to each of the pins I am using.

Because of the size of the cable and the amount of wires I am using I will only be able to use one bauble… This is disappointing but will hopefully act as a first step towards building a second and better model. For that I will look into wireless means, making each bauble have everything contained inside.


The code I am using for this project is Standard Firmata, this is so I can send signals to my max patch! I have added a few lines of code into it in order to get the LED lights functioning. The max patch is relatively simple, send the information and putting it into a slider, with the slider I can control a filter and trigger bangs with if statements.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 22.38.45.png


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